Hypercell’s Crowd Stream data takes you through the...

In order stay competitive at all times Location-Based Media companies need to justify their advertising rates...

Blog Post by Sami Vepsäläinen, Chief Operations Officer, 14.06.2022

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Discover how we help Smart Cities towards a sustainable...

How to reach sustainability goals and navigate towards cleaner and sustainable while overcoming the...

Case Study by Hypercell, 05.04.2022

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How to maximize revenue from your digital ad space...

How to match the measurability and accurate reporting of online media with DOOH screens?

Case Study by Hypercell, 29.03.2022

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Utilizing data on passing pedestrians in order to...

How to provide commercial real estate tenants accurate data on foot traffic and customer potential to justify...

Case Study by Hypercell, 03.03.2022

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The most attractive shopping malls base their decisions...

How to improve customer satisfaction and make them return and increase their dwell times inside your...

Case Study by Hypercell, 08.02.2022

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A heatmap based on Crowd Stream data – first of its kind

Hypercell launched a groundbreaking service in June 2021 - a heatmap based on real-time Crowd Stream data.

Blog Post by Mikko Siusluoto, Head of Smart City, 11.01.2022

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Revolutionizing Outdoor Advertising

Hypercell helps JCDecaux Finland to launch a new data-based indicator for digital outdoor advertising.

Blog Post by Janne Halmela, Head of DOOH, 29.11.2021

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