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Hypercell Crowd Stream

Gain insight into real-time information on impressions, dwell times and routes around your out-of-home media screens

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Obtain real-time impression data from every unique screen or point of interest on a daily, hourly and even per minute basis

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Dwell times

Get insight on dwell times at each unique point of interest with a detailed breakdown of time-based summaries combined with averages

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Gather details of your most and least utilized routes between all points of interest within your sensor network, indoors and outdoors

Sensor-based approach

Up-to-date information at your fingertips

Our sensor-based approach enables our clients to gain access into the real-life data of their advertising screens or other points of interest. With our end-to-end solution, you can monitor how your location-based media ads are performing, 24/7, in real-time.

Accurate population data at scale

Accurate population data is at the root of any impression-based approach. Our solution provides an accuracy of over 90% and can easily scale to any size.

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Data in real-time

Every impression is based on an actual measurement, enabling the data to reflect peak times per hour and even per minute


The service is completely anonymous and non-intrusive as well as 100% compliant to the GDPR data protection and privacy laws.

Easy installation

Power up with plug & play ease to start collecting data and create powerful predictions and scenarios based on your historical data

Our sensor solution is available as

Software or Hardware

We provide a hardware sensor for any installations. Our hardware sensor is easy and quick to install, requiring only a power outlet. The hardware sensor contains a global data plan, enabling easy data transfer without hassle.

Additionally our sensor is available as a software solution that can run on the media player, enabling a more cost-efficient and easy-to-scale solution.

Media Player as a Sensor

Turn your existing Media Player to a Sensor by installing our software. Running our software on your existing media player, enabled you to leverage your existing assets and inventory to provide powerful real-time data.

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Microsoft Windows

Our software can run on a Windows-based media player as a native Windows application. We support Windows 10 and Windows 11, including IoT-versions.

Android (Q3/2023)

We are finalizing our Android version of the software. Please contact us for more information. The Android version is planned to support Android 12 and newer.

Linux (Q4/2023)

A Linux based version of our software is coming soon. Please contact us for more information. The Linux version will be available for Ubuntu and Debian distributions.

System on a chip (SoC)

Our sensor for SoC applications will be available soon. We are currently working with our partners to finalize the development of our SoC solution. Please contact us for more information.

Turn your smartphone into a sensor

Yes, this means you cam turn your Android-based smartphone into a sensor. This is a great option for on-the-go installations, such as promitional stands and experiential campaigns. Our Smartphone as a Sensor solution is currently available for Android 12 and newer. The app is available as a downloadable APK package. For best results, we recommend using a dedicated smartphone for measurement.

Easy and fast to get started

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No Wi-Fi needed

Our sensors are equipped with a global data plan, enabling easy data tranfer without hassle

Instant access to data

Once the sensor is plugged in, data is immediately available through the user interface and API

Privacy by design

Our service is designed, built and certified to fulfill the strictest privacy laws (e.g. GDPR)


Real-time Impressions is the future currency of out-of-home advertising. With accurate information from each of your screens, you are able to improve and optimize your business in new ways that before had seemed impossible.

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Every impression is based on an actual measurement, enabling the data to reflect peak times per hour and even per minute


We provide the right tools to apply statistical correction based on the nature and characteristics of each point of interest

AI powered

Our AI powered algorithms will enable you to create powerful predictions and scenarios based on your collected data

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Dwell times

A deeper insight of the impressions

The dwell times provide additional insight into the quality of the impressions, up to the level of an individual measurement. The dwell times are also available as an hourly or daily average per screen or point of interest. We also provide a breakdown of the most common dwell times.


Measuring the people flow

Map the flow of people between any screens or points of interest with our unique route features. The route information provides insight on where the traffic is coming from and in which direction it's going. Our solution is even scalable to a city level view of people flows.

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Increase the value of your business

Hypercell's service helps you strengthen your business with multiple benefits

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Pricing models

Earn more by enabling a price per impressions strategy to your advertising business


Keep your clients happy and attract more advertisers with accurate campaign reporting


Data-based audience targeting and integration with third-party programmatic platforms

Some of our select clients and partners

We are currently working with over 200 companies worldwide.

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