Scalable measurement for multiple markets


Digital Signage

Experiential Marketing

Digital Signage

Increase the value of your digital signage network by utilizing standardized real-time measurement for analytics and content management.

Optimize Profit

Increase your sales and drive cost savings by utilizing the data at any of your locations.

Improve Content

Get instant feedback and optimize your visual content with real-time audience insights.

Build Engagement

Use your digital signage network to drive traffic based on data in any desired location.

Unlock the full potential of your digital signage network

Our solution supercharges digital signage networks and increases the value of digital signage investments multiple times. Upgrading digital signage with our service helps you to generate cost savings and increase profitability with optimization based on high-quality data.

Combining real-time audience measurement with digital signage helps you to understand your customer's behavior hour to hour and day to day. By integrating our service to your digital signage network you will be able to drive customers to key interest points, optimize the layout of your venue and improve the attraction level of your business.

Our service turns digital signage into a must have business intelligence tool that will add value to your whole network by enabling both Out-of-home advertising measurement and a completely new level of venue management and optimization.

Out-of-home Advertising

Our solution for out-of-home advertising is a total game changer enabling verified real-time ad impressions and seamless reporting capabilities for both media owners and their advertising clients.

Impressions in real-time

Get real-time data on your ad impressions and optimize your campaigns on the fly.

Industry standard metrics

Compatible with the latest audience measurement guidelines from World Out of Home Organization.

GDPR & CCPA compliant

Stay compliant with the latest data privacy regulations and build trust with your customers.

Level-up your out-of-home advertising business

During the past decade Out-of-home advertising has been losing foothold to the online media platforms but our technology evens the odds for the whole market by unlocking an unbeatable marketing machine combining astonishing visuals with real-time audience data.

Our service brings true measurability and accountability to your Out-Of-Home campaigns with seamless reporting capabilities and methodology based on the World Out Of Home Organization's detailed global guidelines.

Justifying the value of Out-of-home media has never been easier and our solution helps you to grow your business exponentially. Our core philosophy is to serve both media owners and advertisers by turning Out-of-home media into an irresistible tool where each campaign is verified by rock solid data.

Experiential Marketing

Our solution brings increased value to experiential marketing by connecting Out-Of-Home campaign measurement and traditional experiential marketing. Our solution provides experiential marketing agencies an outstanding tool to improve their campaign success.

Expand your service offering

Offer a new layer of value by measuring campaign success and providing real-time insights.

Understand the potential

Gain valuable insights about the potential of your audience at any location and time.

Improve conversion

Increase the conversion and attribution rates of your campaigns with data driven optimization.

Multiply the value of your marketing campaigns

Experiential marketing has not yet been fully realized as a part of Out-Of-Home advertising. Our solution changes that by offering unprecedented audience data, audience dwell times and true contacts to any physical location for a desired time interval.

With our service for experiential marketing agencies you will be able to add value to your clients by offering them campaign data which is 100% compatible with the World Out Of Home Organization's measurement guidelines. Analyze the data, optimize the promotion campaigns, and deliver maximum results to your clients.

In addition our experiential marketing clients are able to compare the attraction level of any promotional experience both indoors and outdoors. Utilize our hardware solution or equip your personnel with our software application to collect data and provide exceptional reports on campaign success for your clients.

Start measuring today.

With our easy to use software-based measurement solution, you can get started right away.