Historical estimates vs. real-time impressions.

Traditionally any data on physical promotion impressions has been based on surveys and approximations. Hypercell enables real-time data collection that gives you an unprecedented view on how many impressions your brand collects during any time of the day indoors or outdoors.

Implement our service into your business and start collecting real-time Crowd Stream data. Day by day the data will become immensely more valuable helping you to predict the outcomes of your campaigns beforehand.

Let your brand blossom to its full potential by analyzing physical location data.

Every physical location has its own specific attributes for active hours, visibility and the directions of foot traffic. By using our service to track the impact of your brand you will gain the competitive edge on growing your business to new heights.

Understanding the potential of your physical brand advertising at any times, helps you to direct your budget to the best possible outcomes. The dwell time data we provide helps you to understand whether your promotional stand or advertisement is really attracting people or if they are merely passing by. The data gives you insight to plan your visuals and promotional objectives more efficiently.

Discover a never before seen solution for measuring shop-in shop data.

Department stores all around the world gather millions of visitors every year. To accurately track the impact of your brand at floor-specific locations you need Hypercell’s Crowd Stream service. Our solution gives you new kind of insight on your brand’s impressions as well as the optimal usage of on-site marketing campaigns and PR-events.

Whether you want to track the potential of your products at a specific section of the store or understand the potential of your brand store or a sales space, Hypercell's solution offers you a plug&play usability and real-time data from hour to hour and day to day.

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