Curated in-store music backed up by Hypercell's data has the power to change the outcome of your retail business.

Soundtracking the in-store experience has been proven to positively affect the conversion rates of retail businesses. With our service you can track changes in customer behavior in real-time and the data supports and guides you in the right direction when you are planning the in-store experience for your customers.

Dwell time is the most important KPI to monitor when talking about the impact curated music has on your customer experience. Naturally, if the customers stay at your store for a longer amount of time the chance of them buying your products increases.

Utilize your on-premise audio advertising to its full potential with the help of our service.

Audio is a powerful tool, especially combined with real-time impact data in a shopping mall or any commercial premise. With Hypercell's service you are able to measure the results of your audio campaign in real-time and increase your revenue. Your audio system can also be effectively used for on-premise marketing by guiding customers to a desired restaurant or a store and the efficiency of the campaign is easily verified with the data provided by our service.

By measuring people movement inside your mall you gain a comprehensive overview that allows you to fully mobilize your audio advertising and guide visitors to the desired locations.

Use the in-store analytics collected to strengthen your business model and let the growth speak for itself.

Thanks to the crowd stream data collected by our sensors your decision-making process will never again be based on trial and error. By using the analytics to make decisions for your business you will always have the black on white answer for optimizing your customer experience with in-store audio.

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