Running a restaurant during the summer months can be a tricky task for many reasons. Our service will greatly ease your workload and help you to react when unexpected things happen.

Simply by measuring your customer tendencies and busy hours you will get a valuable tool for estimating your staff and seating demand at selected days and hours. This will serve as a huge advantage not only for your business but also for your customers as they will never have to wait for service or tables again.

Discover your passing-by potential and drive people to your summer café by mobilizing your on-premise marketing based on insightful data.

By installing our sensors in the surroundings of your café you’re able to understand the real-life situation on the passing-by potential of your location. With the help from this data you may optimize the locations for your marketing surfaces or guide signs to better serve your needs and drive customers to your café.

When planning for the next season it can be hard to estimate the need for space and staff. Our service lends you a helping hand.

When using Hypercell’s service on a yearly basis you will acquire enough data to be able to create seasonal guides that helps you plan for the future. By measuring your customer tendencies you will always be prepared for what to come. No more trial end error while you can benefit from a data-driven solution that will make your business solid as a rock.

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