Pori is at the forefront of developing new ways of data-based decision-making for city management

In order to make this possible, the introduction of knowledge-based management tools are being developed. As a new method, the city uses Hypercell Crowd Stream service to measure the crowd movement and density at Pori's top development sites at any time of the day.

“We have studied different options specifically for measuring the flow of people in the city area. During the past year, we have piloted Hypercell’s service in a few places and now we are expanding the operation. Through this, we will be able to monitor the number of visitors in the pedestrian street and market square, Kirjurinluoto and Yyteri areas.”

- Ilkka Manninen, head of the ICT unit.

By utilizing data on people movement and visits in the area, the city operations can be developed to help local entrepreneurs with groundbreaking new data

This helps in measuring the attractiveness of the city's various tourist destinations and events, and to locate and relocate services to the areas with the highest demand. The data can also be used in balancing the impact on the environment, traffic planning, as well as offer excellent building blocks for future urban development.

“We have done development work based on the information needs of the city organization and various departments. Thanks to this we found the best locations to measure in the first phase of the project. The information obtained so far has been very useful and will support our future data-based decision-making, continues Manninen.”

The data helps in planning infrastructure and supply of city services

“Now, for the first time, we are getting information on the number of visitors to Kirjurinluoto all year round and also the volume of traffic on the different routes that people use in order to get to Kirjurinluoto. The information is used in the development work of the area, both from an infrastructure point of view but also to manage the supply of services.”

- Tiina Lehtonen, Head of Tourism and Marketing.

Furthermore it will be possible to combine the data collected by Hypercell sensors with other sources of visitor data collected by the city of Pori. In the future the tele operator data can be used to paint the big picture while Hypercell's service allows for accuracy of measuring specific key interest points and routes on a more confined space. Hypercell's service is already in use in the biggest cities in Finland and it can be easily applied to any city environment around the world.

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