By Mikko Siusluoto

Blog post, November 29, 2021

A heatmap based on crowd stream data – first of it's kind

Read about our heatmap service for the city of Helsinki and its future possibilities

Hypercell launched a groundbreaking service in June 2021 - a heatmap based on real-time crowd stream data. The goal of this unique way of visualizing crowd movement is to provide a multipurpose tool for any cities and their citizens to use. The heatmap offers a view to real-time utilization rates of any urban area or point of interest, both indoors and outdoors.

The heatmap Hypercell provided for the city of Helsinki is also open to the public and once fully developed it will have a significant impact on the urban experience for both residents and visitors. Figuratively speaking it is like recording and visualizing the heartbeat of your city. And the only way to feel the pulse is to obtain real-time data.

What is the value of using Hypercell's heatmap visualization? Why can't I just ask Google about a location's busiest visitation hours?

The Hypercell technology is made up of small sensors that collect huge volumes of anonymous numeric data from a crowd stream in real time, no matter where they are located. Without a doubt Google will tell you the busiest visitor hours based on statistics and historical data. However, there are often situations where you need to know the present situation at a location you plan to visit. Knowing if a location is overcrowded or has easy access can really save a lot of time and trouble.

Hypercell's heatmap is based on the current moment and it visualizes present time. Each area on the heatmap is represented by a different color to provide the viewer an easy read on the current population. And, yep, it's literally LIVE-data!

City businesses will benefit from the media value and visibility on the heatmap.

Hypercell's heatmap solution allows shops, vendors, museums, exhibitions, businesses, and many others a wonderful opportunity to get noticed on the map while also providing useful data to develop their local community and keeping track of utilization rates in real time. Tourists and local citizens can all discover businesses and services more effectively when the company names appear on the heatmap.

See the first version of the Helsinki heatmap in all of its glory here:

Don't hesitate in contacting us in case you are interested applying our heatmap solution to your city, we are happy to help. Give your city, its neighborhoods, citizens, and all accessible services the recognition they deserve!

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