Measure your audience.
With Ease. For Scale.

Our product line offers a unified solution for any of your audience measurement needs - at any scale. Indoors and outdoors.

Our dashboard enables

Easy access to your measurement data

Our easy-to-use and responsive dashboard empowers you with everything you need to gain insights about your advertising campaigns.

Access data as it happens.
All data is accessible in real-time, enabling you to make decisions based on the latest events.
Manage your campaign efficiency.
Make adjustments to your campaign strategy based on real-time data and insights.
Capitalize on audience spikes.
Meaururing your audience in real-time enables you to capitalize on audience spikes.
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With our Powerful REST API you can

Integrate to your own Business Intelligence systems

Use our powerful REST API to integrate your audience measurement data to your own business intelligence systems, or just use your favorite BI tools to visualize the data.

Access the data.
The entire data set is available via our API, enabling you to integrate the data into your own systems.
Management over API.
Our management API enables you to manage your campaigns and devices programmatically.
Programmatic Integration.
Our API enables you to integrate your audience measurement data to your favorite programmatic platform.
Integrate with spreadsheets and BI tools.
With our API, you can easily integrate your data to your favorite spreadsheet or BI tools.

Quality. Not only quantity.

Our data is much more than only audience counts. Understanding dwell times is crucial for gaining insight on the quality of your impressions.


Impressions provide a quantative figure for the audience population within each location at any given time. Our service provides impression data on an hourly basis.

Dwell times

Dwell times offer a qualitative figure for the measured impressions. The dwell times are measured for each and every hour as they happen.


Routes provide a way to measure conversion and physical attribution within multiple physical locations, for example what percentage of visitors go inside a store.

Industry standard metrics

Our service can provide your audience measurement data in industry standard formats, including the metrics following the guidelines from the World Out of Home Organization. We value transparency with the metrics we provide.

Circulation (C)

The audience count in proximity of your out-of-home advertising frame.

Opportunity to Contact (OTC)

The audience in front of your out-of-home advertising frame.

Opportunity to See (OTS)

The audience travelling towards your frame, without visibility barriers.

Visually Adjusted Contact (VAC)

The probabilistic audience that are actually looking at your frame.

Real-time. Every time.

Our powerful real-time processing engine enables you to access your data as it happens. Our service scales with your needs, enabling you to measure your audience at any scale.

Trigger content based on events.
Make your content trigger in real-time, based on real-life events - as they happen.
Real-time reporting.
Provide your clients with access to real-time data on their campaigns.
Leverage audience peaks.
Gain access to untapped audience potential by understanding when the actual peaks happen.
Justify higher CPM rates.
Use real-life data to boost CPM rates while selling true contacts, not estimates.

Privacy by design.

Our service is designed in the modern era with privacy in mind. We do not collect any personal data, and all data is anonymous by definition.

100% GDPR and CCPA compliant.
Our solution is 100% compliant with the latest privacy regulations.
Bank-level security.
Your audience data is secured on the same level as on financial systems, just because we can.
No audience consent required.
Due to the fact that we collect only anonymous data, audience consent is not required.
Third party certified.
Our solutiun and services have been certified by third party legal and technical experts.

Turn your media players into sensors

By using our software-based measurement solution, leverage your existing media player infrastructure and start measuring your audience everywhere - without the need to invest in additional hardware.

Easy to deploy

Our software is easy to install and can be deployed remotely to your entire fleet of media players.


Our software is lightweight and does not require any additional hardware to be installed.


Our software does not collect any personal data and does not require inbound connectivity.

Measure your entire fleet of media players

Our measurement solution for meadia players is currently available for the following platforms.

Microsoft Windows 10 / 11 (including IoT)

Available as a windowed UWP application and a command line -based CLI tool. Provides measurement based on Bluetooth LE.

Debian and Ubuntu Linux

Available as Closed Beta. Create an account and contact us if you are interested in participating. Provides measurement based on Bluetooth LE.

Android 11 / 12+

Available as Closed Beta. Create an account and contact us if you are interested in participating. Provides measurement based on Bluetooth LE.

Easy plug-and-play hardware for non-digital locations

For locations without a compatible media player, we also offer an easy to install plug-and-play hardware solution. Just plug it in and start measuring your audience.

Easy to install

Our hardware sensor is easy to install. Plug the sensor to an electrical outlet and you are ready to go.

Global data coverage

Our sensor includes a global data plan. No need to worry about having Wi-Fi coverage.

Instant access to data

Our sensor is connected to the cloud, enabling you to access the data in real-time.

Turn any static location into a measurement point

Our Hyperunit hardware sensor is a plug-and-play solution for measuring audiences in any physical location.

Our hardware sensor is equipped with a global data plan and connects to the cloud via the LTE network. The hardware also includes GNSS positioning to help identify the location of the sensor.

Hyperunit MK6

Product is discontinued. Full support available.

Hyperunit LE

New lightweight hardware sensor, that measures Bluetooth LE. Shipping starting soon.

On-demand measurement with your smartphone

We also provide an easy solution for measuring your audience in your Android based smartphone. Just install our app and start measuring.

Designed for Android

Our measurement app for mobile devices is designed for any devices running Android 11+.

Easy to install

Our measurement app is easy to install and does not require extensive configuration.

Works with cellular and Wi-Fi

Whether your device is connected to cellular or Wi-Fi, our app works seamlessly.

On-the-go measurement for events, trade shows and promotions

Our Smartphone as a Sensor solution is a app-based solution for measuring audiences in any physical location, on the fly.

The app-based solution is designed for any temporary measurement needs, such as events, trade shows, promotions and pop-up stores.

The app-based solution is available for Android 11+ devices and is easy to install and use.

Android 11 / 12+

Available as an APK package for all clients. Easy and quick installation. The measurement is based on Bluetooth LE.

Grant your hardware superpowers with our measurement chip

Our unique and first of it's kind measurement chip can be integrated into your hardware, giving your product the ability to natively measure the surrounding audience.

Integrate with your product

Our System on Chip (SoC) solution enables your hardware start natively measuring audiences around it.

Usage based or perpetual license

Our SoC solution can be licensed either on a usage based model or as a perpetual license.

Always In Stock

Our manufacturing partners make sure that our SoC solution is always in stock and ready to ship.

The next generation of digital signage hardware

We provide a System on Chip (SoC) solution for digital signage hardware manufacturers. Our solution enables your hardware to start natively measuring audiences around it. The SoC is available as a chip that is easy to design as part of your hardware solution.


Measurement Protocol: Bluetooth LE

Serial Interface: UART

Antenna Type: PCB or U.FL

Voltage Supply: 3V ~ 3.6V

Mounting Type: Surface Mount

Dimensions (mm): 18 x 25.5 x 3.1

Operating temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C

Start measuring today.

With our easy to use software-based measurement solution, you can get started right away.