Most DOOH screen networks are not running ads at 100% capacity at all times. Let us help you maximize your ad-space revenue by increasing screen utilization with DOOH-impression data.

With Hypercell's Crowd Stream Impressions you can increase the revenue from your display network with a high rate of success. Our service enables you to provide advertisers accurate data on their campaign reach in and unprecedented manner. Concrete campaign data is a key factor to ensure future growth of your DOOH business.

Offering data to justify your client’s campaign investment will encourage them to increase their budgets and their continuous trust your service. Connecting impression data with programmatic sales is a combination that will eventually disrupt the whole DOOH industry much like online media and streaming services have done in the past.

Our goal is to help you to focus on tangible profits and benefits even during times of uncertainty.

Hypercell's service is a must-have addition for any DOOH businesses. It all boils down to a simple question: Will your clients pour their advertising budget into a truly measurable media verifiable by rock solid data or will they continue to trust gut feelings, estimates and polls conducted on the street?

During times of economic uncertainty it is proven that media buyers operate on smaller budgets and take less risks with expensive campaigns. The advertisers need to make sure that their investment brings measurable results and we are here to help you cater to their expectations.

Unlock the endless opportunities with data-based decision-making on pricing, campaign planning and reporting.

Impression data allows ad space providers to adjust pricing accordingly in each location. For example in more densely populated areas the campaign price can be slightly increased compared to less active locations. It is also possible to offer a campaign with guaranteed impressions for an increased price, much like with online ads.

Our data tells you exactly which the most active hours are at any time of the day. This further eases your workload when planning your campaigns and establishing the correct price for each time of the day at any location.

Having the impression data easily available helps campaign planning and improves your client’s marketing effectiveness. Targeting the correct popular events and gatherings inside cities will produce much more impressions than average week days, which makes understanding the hot zones even more valuable for the advertisers.

Hypercell's plug and play service works both indoors and outdoors in various locations and weather conditions.

Our sensors are built to withstand the hot summer season and extreme winter temperatures and they will gather data inside shopping malls or in outdoor locations at any time of the year. Our core philosophy is to make impression data easily available to all our clients; the sensors produce data with plug & play mentality and the data can be accessed in real-time.

The installation of the service is effortless and each sensor can also be calibrated online. As soon as the sensors are receiving electricity they will automatically connect to the cloud service and start transmitting data.

All data is 100% GDPR compliant and 100% anonymous making our service a sustainable and non-intrusive solution for years to come.

Become one of the frontrunners of the DOOH data revolution and access the potential of tomorrow already today.

Start using our service, and grow your business to new heights! Simply sign-up, create your account and discover how the service works at no cost.

Our sales team is happy to help you with any questions and to determine the best possible setup for your sensor network. The sensors you order will be automatically added to your account and you will enjoy the benefits of the data as soon as you power up your sensors.

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