Hypercell is now officially a member of DPAA

Hypercell joins DPAA - Digital Place-Based Advertising Association, the leading global trade marketing association connecting OOH media with the advertising community. As an official member of DPAA, Hypercell will continue their mission of bringing the accuracy of online media impressions into the OOH world.

“We are happy to have Hypercell as part of our global community. We look forward to their participation and contributions to help make the industry stronger.”

- Barry Frey, President & CEO of DPAA.

A word from our CEO

“I am thrilled to have us join DPAA as an official member and excited to connect Hypercell with all of the global stakeholders in OOH media. I look forward to how DPAA can open us new doors in the industry, while helping us connect with everyone interested in bringing the true, real-time measurability of online media to the physical world of OOH advertising!”

- Tommi Hippeläinen, CEO @Hypercell

Our mission continues

Hypercell is on a mission to help the OOH industry speed up their growth and to combine the true measurability with the benefits of programmatic advertising.

We will continue to offer unprecedented accuracy for measuring and reporting ad impressions at any stage of the ad campaign in real-time, while helping OOH businesses justify their rates and create new pricing models based on rock solid data.

Source: DPAA Global

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