How to provide commercial real estate tenants accurate data on foot traffic and customer potential to justify the rental rates?

Property owners in big cities have been struggling with losses from empty rental properties, especially due to the increasing number of large shopping malls and outlets outside the city centers. Management companies like Cushman & Wakefield and property portfolio companies like Ilmarinen need real-life data in order to justify rental rates to their tenants. Property owners are unable to accurately communicate the value of their premises to potential tenants without having access to statistics on passing pedestrians, active hours, and dwell times.


Utilizing Crowd Stream data on passing pedestrians to justify rental rates for your premises

By using our service we are able to provide you with accurate numbers on customer potential, their dwell times and statistics on active hours all around the clock. Our intuitive user interface can be customized to your specific needs and the preferences can be tweaked so that it fits your area of interest. Our data provides your company with the competitive edge needed to cut the losses from empty premises and further optimize your rental value and business model.


Maximized rental property utilization and ROI multiplier

With the data retrieved from our user interface you are able to make the right decisions in order to maximize the rental utilization rates of your premises. This will cut your losses down to a minimum and create extra value for your tenants by enabling a new type of transparency based on real-life data. Thanks to the ability to measure active hours at your premises you’re able to target the right retailers according to their business opening hours.

Increase your ROI by using our service


ROI at 10% increase of
rental property utilization


ROI at 20% increase of
rental property utilization


ROI at 30% increase of
rental property utilization

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