Why is it so important to measure the impact your brand has on people?

By measuring your brand reach at promotion events you will collect the vital data needed to perfect the concept of your future PR work. With the help from Hypercell’s service you are able to choose better event locations, provide advertisers and investors with accurate brand reach data as well as measure the passing-by-potential of your event.

Our service helps you allocate your marketing budget to promotions that will gain maximum impact and truly matter for building your brand.

How can your business benefit from measuring impressions at your promotion stands?

No matter where your promotional stand is located you are likely paying rent for the space. If you have sales people working at your stand you can measure the results but not the full potential compared to sales or the attractiveness of your promotional stand. We provide a perfect solution to make the most out of your physical promotion campaign and help you increase the effectiveness of sales and reach.

Our service also helps you to verify that the rent you pay is fair and correlates to the true potential of your promotional site. Looking at the bigger picture you will save both money and resources and gain better results by using concrete footfall data to oil your marketing machine.

Provide your media buyers with vital data on brand reach and create long-lasting partnerships built on transparency

If you represent an advertising agency it does not matter if your client is an international car brand or a local newspaper, they will appreciate transparent data on their campaign reach. Being able to show them factual impression data from airport to shopping mall or even a stand in a street corner is a powerful tool to convince your clients they are betting on the right horse using your services.

Hypercell's Crowd Stream service helps both you and your clients to reach their maximum potential when it comes to physical promotion in any location.

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