Guide your festival security in real-time based on Crowd Stream data and measured people volumes at key interest points.

Security is the backbone of every well-arranged festival. In order for every festival-goer to have an enjoyable experience they first and foremost need to feel safe. By utilizing Hypercell’s service on your festival grounds you’re able to receive live data on crowded areas which could be a potential risk to the security of your event.

No one enjoys queing when their favorite artist is playing on stage. We can help you remove the bottlenecks emerging at festival services.

Simply by measuring the crowd density at festival services you’re able to delegate staff to bars and restaurants as well as schedule maintenance to toilets and sanitary areas all according to the current demand. Getting rid of bottlenecks and queues will result in more sales from bars and food vendors as it will also offer better placement and maximum visibility for festival partners. It is in the best interest of any event promoter to ensure that your festival visitors will have the carefree event experience they deserve.

Which stages and restaurants gathered the most attention? Use the data collected by our service to make smart decisions for next year’s festival.

The data collected at your festival premises will play a huge part in planning next year’s event. The data allows you to plan the best possible routing for festival customers which will help them navigate their way between stages and festival activities considerably enhancing their festival experience. Thanks to the insights provided by our service you’re able to make the best decisions on which restaurant providers to choose, where to place sanitary areas, which stage is suitable for which artist and much more.

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