How to reach sustainability goals and navigate towards cleaner and sustainable cities while overcoming the growing challenges of urbanization

The world is facing it's biggest climate crisis in the history of mankind and while cities around the globe grow rapidly it is crucial to meet the sustainability and carbon neutrality standards. To be able to make smart decisions we need city-wide data in order to make urban development sustainable and to navigate towards a carbon neutral future. Obtaining data of this magnitude is a big challenge.


Use Hypercell’s Crowd Stream service and make data-based decisions for your Smart City

Hypercell Crowd Stream service collects massive amounts of pedestrian data and and supports in detecting traffic jams, bottlenecks and utilization heavy zones in any city around the world. The data our service provides helps cities to develop sustainable services where they are needed, improve their transportation system and minimize traffic in order to reduce carbon footprint and to meet their sustainability goals.


Get a complete and unparalleled roadmap in developing sustainable and carbon neutral cities

Hypercell's Crowd Stream service helps cities meet their sustainability goals and navigate towards a carbon neutral future. The data provides unprecedented possibilities for balancing out the utilization of different city areas, parks or tourism attractions alike. With the help of our service you can improve the life quality and citizen experience of your city.

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