How to match the measurability and accurate reporting of online media with DOOH screens?

Out-of-home advertising companies must incorporate new technologies into their digital screens in order to compete with online media. For large corporations like JCDecaux, making the most of their investments and obtaining the highest possible utilization rate for their screens is critical, but it is even more critical for smaller players in the market. Without accurate outdoor impressions they’re unable to justify ad space prices to marketing companies and in result are left with a considerable amount of unused digital advertising space.


Implement Hypercell’s Crowd Stream service to digital screens and receive real-life DOOH-impressions

By installing our plug-and-play sensors directly into your digital screens you’re able to receive accurate Crowd Stream data directly to the intuitive user interface designed by Hypercell. The sensors automatically start collecting data the second they’re installed. By customizing the settings of your device you may tweak the data according to your own personal preferences. By using our REST API you can also access the data and import it into your own system.


Increased ad performance and ROI multiplier

With the help of measurable data on crowd density and dwell time you’ll make the right decisions to take your out-of-home advertising company into the future. Ad space prices based on accurate and up-to-date crowd information will help you optimize your investments by taking the utilization rate of your screens to an all time high. Our service can also be used can be also used for new dynamic pricing methods based on campaing time and location. To keep up with the programmatic sales trends of DOOH screens you can also use Hypercell's REST API to pull data directly into your own sales platform for efficient reporting and pricing.

Increase your ROI by using our service


ROI at 10% increase of
screen utilization


ROI at 20% increase of
screen utilization


ROI at 30% increase of
screen utilization

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