By Janne Halmela

News article, November 29, 2021

Revolutionizing Outdoor Advertising

Hypercell helps JCDecaux Finland to launch a new data-based indicator for digital outdoor advertising

DOOH-Impression has replaced OTC as the currency for digital outdoor advertising. What does this mean in practice and what will change?

The DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) impression is based on constantly updated data collected from the locations of advertising equipment. When the raw data collected by the advertising device is filtered through legal modeling of the location, DOOH Impression is obtained.

Previous estimates on how many people see an outdoor advertisement have been based on OTC figure, which does not have real-time data but is based on a weekly estimate of the location's audience from a number of data sources. The OTC figure describes the number of people who have had a theoretical chance of seeing an ad, so a sudden increase in audience due to a mass event, for example, is not verifiable with OTC data.

DOOH impressions enable contact-based pricing

DOOH Impression enables digital outdoor advertising, where the advertiser pays for predicted contacts based on data that is collected in real-time and regularly refined, instead of theoretical reach estimates.

This allows the DOOH service provider to report actual contacts in a performance report sent to the advertiser at the end of the campaign. When using the OTC number, access to this level of accuracy is not possible because the contacts received by the ad cannot be verified.

The frequently updated data provides accurate insight of the audience

DOOH impression data can be collected and updated real-time. Ad devices collect raw data around the clock, and modeling of ad placements is updated at regular intervals. The result is constantly refining and producing transparent data on target audiences.

The timeline of the data is vital, as the audience numbers for ad placements can vary radically depending on the season, the day of the week, and the time of day. For example, mass events such as ice hockey matches can multiply the ad audience compared to a normal day.

Improved campaign planning

When looking at the key figures from a campaign planning perspective, the benefits of the DOOH impression stand out strongly. The use of DOOH impressions enables flexible and fact-based campaign planning. When an advertiser buys DOOH impressions based on fresh data, they already know at the design stage exactly how many pairs of eyes your ad will actually see, unlike when using OTC, where they rely on an overall estimate of the audience for the locations you use.

For example, by using DOOH impressions, a campaign can be implemented intensively, maximizing ad impressions over a short period of time, or alternatively the impressions can be spread over a longer period of time.

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