Boost your business with Hypercell

Supercharge your product line with state of the art audience measurement


Player Manufacturers & Digital Signage Networks

Grow your business by offering audience measurement as a service by joining the Hypercell ecosystem and certifying your Media Players with our measurement software

Easy to deploy

Our software is easy to install and can be deployed remotely to your entire fleet of media players.


Our software is lightweight and does not require any additional hardware to be installed.


Our software does not collect any personal data and does not require inbound connectivity.

Harness the full power of your Digital Signage business

Our solution for digital signage service offers your clients a completely new level of business value. The rapid development in our audience measurement technology unlocks exponential growth possibilities for our digital signage partners.

With the power of our service digital signage is able to deliver content and measure the audience impact simultaneously. Our solution can be easily applied indoors or outdoors benefitting all digital signage clients from shopping malls to sport arenas and from retail stores to amusement parks.

Our platform enables you to build custom solutions and products to serve your clients and to help them earn increased revenue from DOOH advertising and programmatic advertising. Our service turns digital-signage into a must have business intelligence tool for any commercial venue. From content optimization to driving traffic to key interest points in real-time - the possibilities are limitless.

Display & Hardware Manufacturers

Maximise your lead by enhancing your displays and hardware with our measurement technology and offer your clients a new level of value. Our System on Chip (SoC) solution offers an edge over the competition by providing a seamless integration to your hardware.

Integrate with your product

Funnel the collected data directly from the UART interface of the SoC chip, ready for sending.

Anonymoys data collection

The chip processes all data internally, so that you do not need to worry about data privacy.

Use with private or public cloud

We offer a private cloud option for receiving the data from your devices. You can also use our cloud service.

Give your hardware measurement superpowers

Our System on Chip (SoC) solution is the perfect way to add value to your hardware. Our solution is easy to integrate and offers a seamless way to collect audience data from your entire product fleet.

Our solution is based on a small chip that can be integrated into any display or hardware. The chip collects audience data and sends it to our cloud service for processing via the chip's UART interface. The chip is low-power with a small footprint and can be easily integrated into any hardware.

Our SoC solution is an easy way to give your hardware measurement superpowers, enabling your hardware to collect industry standard audience measurement data.

Programmatic DOOH Platforms

Boost your programmatic DOOH platform with real-time audience measurement and verification, while offering your clients top-of-the-line service.

Increase your revenue

Generate new revenue streams by monetizing audience measurement in your advertising network.

Dynamic Pricing

Build dynamic pricing models based on real-life audience impressions from your advertising network.

Improved Targeting

Deliver accurate real-life audience impressions and make sure your clients' campaigns hit where it hurts.

Integrate real-life audience measurement to your platform

Our solution is a must have addition to any programmatic platform enhancing the campaign targeting capabilities and enabling real-time pricing based on actual contacts in each location. With the power of our audience measurement data you will be able to build new features on your platform that will greatly benefit all of your advertising clients.

By collaborating with digital signage and DOOH service businesses that already use our service you can easily bring their networks onboard your programmatic platform and as a partner you will be able to use our API for producing accurate reports to your clients on all of their DOOH campaigns.

Our methodology unlocks a new level of ad targeting including per spot counts of ad impressions in all locations simultaneously. Due to the robust data processing our API is very fast and offers a seamless user experience for our partners and their clients.