How to improve customer satisfaction and make them return and increase their dwell times inside your shopping mall

Shopping centres need to keep up with the competition and ensure their attractiveness for spending customers. It is difficult to gather reliable data on people movement in different parts of shopping centers to justify rental prices or to see how layout changes, events or new tenants attract customers.


Implement Hypercell services into your shopping center and and receive accurate data on customer tendencies

Hypercell's Crowd Stream service produces unprecedented data with plug & play mentality where any interest area can be measured and assessed with hourly/weekly/montly data points. This enables the shopping center management a real-time view to stay informed on customer movement and key interest areas such as restaurant blocks or specific services inside the shopping center.


Eliminate your competition with the power of Crowd Stream data

With our service a shopping center can increase their customer dwell times and optimize their utilization based on near real-time data on the premises. With our service a shopping center can increase their attractiveness and revenue stream easily.

Increase your ROI by using our service


ROI at 1% increase of revenue


ROI at 2% increase of revenue


ROI at 3% increase of revenue

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