Increase your revenue with the power of optimized in-store marketing.

Use your in-store and on-premise displays as powerful marketing tools and measure the effectiveness of your display network in real time. By providing your partners with the factual impression data your business relations will grow stronger as the deals become more transparent and the profitability goes up for both you and your advertising partners.

Whether you will gain direct investments from your supplier partners or want to drive more efficient marketing for optimizing your store, getting rock solid data on ad reach is the key to grow your business potential.

Strenghten your relationship with your advertisers.

Your advertising partners are keen to get their hands on campaign data in your location as much as in any other media outlet. Why not offer them real-life impression data of their campaign reach to further ad value to your service?

Depending on your business structure our service will help you gain direct revenue from ad space rental or alternatively earn you discounts from specific suppliers in exchange for the instore ads. Either way, it is a win-win situation for both you and your partners. Our solution allows you to strategically place specific ads in the most utilized areas and create campaign reports on an unprecendented level, hour by hour and day by day.

Unlock the possibilites of in-store analytics and tap into the true potential of your business.

In-store analytics has never been more important for accurately targeting your customer base. By gaining insight on passing-by-potential and understanding crowd movement as well as the impact of in-store displays, you are able to meet the needs and intents of your customers’ before they even visit your store.

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