Easy Setup

Turn any android phone into the ultimate on-the-go service for seamless data collection and analysis.

Simply install our Android application and start measuring audience with a phone. With real-time measurement the results are instantly accessible through Hypercell’s dashboard. Present and visualize the data or share it directly with your clients and partners, the choice is yours.

A Versatile Tool

Hypercell's technology hands you audience measurement data in the vicinity of your point of interest in real-time.

Add your point of interest on the worldwide map with the GPS function and utilize SIM or Wi-Fi for data communication, the choice is yours. Whether you want to measure people movement around a single point of interest or need a better understanding of a larger area within a network of sensors we got you covered.

Always With You

Audience measurement data available at your fingertips

Hypercell Crowd Sense works indoors and outdoors with mobile promotion or at a static location. It allows you to always be ready for the unexpected. A phone fits in your pocket which means you'll have a portable sensor at hand wherever you go. Collecting audience data has never been this easy and flexible.


Real-Time visitor trend.

Get real-time visitor trend indoors or outdoors. Understand footfall at all times at any location and benefit from historical comparison of data.

Dwell times.

Ready-made visual breakdown. Understand the attraction of your KPI’s. Easy to filter - focus on the essential.

End-To-End Solution

Real-Time data capture with Plug & Play mentality.

The service is completely anonymous and non-intrusive as well as 100% GDPR compliant. The measured data is processed in Hypercell's sensors, from where it is sent to our highly secure cloud service available globally. The data is available in real-time on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis and it can be viewed at all times via the REST API or the Hypercell Dashboard.

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