In order stay competitive at all times Location-Based Media companies need to justify their advertising rates with real-life data

Creating value for yourself and your partners gets even tougher in times of economic uncertainty. Being able to report impression counts for your media surfaces is more important than ever when media buyers operate on smaller budgets and only make safe bets. Providing your customers with impression data becomes the big divider in whether your company will survive and thrive or get eaten by the competition during uncertain times.

Optimize the utilization rates of your premises by measuring passing-by-potential at key business hours

By implementing our service into your rental property business you’re able to make data-based decisions that benefits both you and your tenants. This means that you can base your rental rates directly off the data provided by our service and in addition strengthen your utilization rates.

Our service makes you see the big picture. It allows you to compare your commercial properties and helps you get rid of the locations that don't have enough client potential. This will result into cost effectiveness that will carry your business trough difficult times.

Understanding customer flows is of vital importance in order for retailers to stay competitive in times of economic adversities

Optimizing your in-store-experience has never been as important as now. For retail businesses to stay in the game it’s crucial to measure utilization at key interest points, dwell times and passing-by-potential. Hypercell's Crowd Stream data is already the dividing tool for retailers to stay ahead of their competition and will play an increasingly important role in the future. During tough times, innovative thinking is the deciding factor on who gets to stay in business. Let us help you to stay ahead of your competition and navigate through the rough seas into an even brighter future.

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