Communicate campaign value based on accurate real-time impressions instead of estimated reach.

Advertising companies around the world are struggling to provide solid impression data to their clients. The current measurement model based on estimates and historical data does not offer an honest, complete and transparent view of reality.

Our revolutionary service provides you with verified impressions and delivers fully transparent data that allows you to communicate the factual campaign reach to your advertising clients.

Measure impressions from any vehicle exterior under any conditions.

Hypercell’s service can be used under any weather conditions which enables installation on every vehicle you could possibly think of. Whether your ad-surface exterior is on a tram, a bus or a cab, the service will effectively collect impression data and dwell times from the surrounding area. All data is easily accessible to you and your clients via Hypercell's easy-to-use interface.

Transit media impression data provides amazing opportunities for both ad-space owners and advertisers.

Moving vehicle exteriors is currently the advertising medium with the lowest CPM out there (CPM - Cost per thousand ad impressions). To further optimize the outcome of your client’s transit media campaign it is crucial to provide them with real data on marketing reach. Imagine getting daily or even hourly impressions of your advertising fleet at all times on the move inside a city or on a highway. Then picture how much value it would ad to your media space.

From an advertisers’ perspective a million verified real-time contacts is much more valuable than a rough estimate of a million contacts based on surveys or other historical data sources. Hypercell's solution delivers all of the above with a plug and play installation and an intuitive point-and-click user experience.

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