Real-time impression data bridges the gap between online media and DOOH advertising.

Programmatic DOOH advertising is on the rise as one of the most promising media strategies out there. The key feature provided by programmatic advertising is the flexibility to react and adjust campaigns in real-time based on data. Hypercell’s Crowd Stream solution brings a new level of accuracy to programmatic campaign reporting.

Instead of using statistical sources and third party data for confirming campaign reach Hypercell’s solution measures traffic at each digital hub or desired target area in real-time. The data is easily accessible via Hypercell’s REST API for any programmatic platform and it is a key ingredient for understanding the value of a programmatic campaign.

Build triggers to opimize your programmatic campaigns with real-time data from Hypercell.

The problem with today’s programmatic dooh ads is that the information needed to trigger the ads is not based on live information, but instead on historical data and estimates from multiple sources. By using Hypercell’s Crowd Stream service advertisers are able to base triggers on the amount of impressions in a specific location and time. For example setting thresholds based on minimum amount of impressions helps to run campaigns at maximum potential.

Similar to online media, a campaign can be run during the optimal hours at optimal locations based on the impression data. This also enables new pricing options for programmatic ad campaigns. For example, the advertiser may choose to focus on a guaranteed amount of impressions for a higher bid instead of a floating campaign at a cheaper CPM.

Put your clients in charge of their own advertising with programmatic DOOH.

Marketers want to be in charge of their campaigns and programmatic advertising enables them to do so. This means that they are able to run campaigns at all times but still run other pre-programmed content at busy hours. In order for the programmatic ad service to do so it needs a solution for collecting data in real-time.

Our service makes measuring impressions to get live reporting on campaign reach an effortless task. No more hassle with trial and error, but instead rock solid information that will give your ad campaigns that extra edge against the competition.

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