Understanding the passing-by customer potential of your retail store location gives you the advantage needed to run a successful business

By understanding how and when people move close to your location you’re able to optimize your store processes in many ways. With Hypercell's Crowd Stream data you can accurately adjust your opening hours to the most busy hours for your area. It also allows you to manage your staff according to the potential customer demand.

Tap into your passing-by customer potential by adding relevant content and attractive messaging to your storefront or advertising screens and measure the results in real-time.

The data brings extra value for store management allowing comparison of sales receipts compared to customer potential at each store location. In addition to your sales receipts the data creates extra value for calculating your conversion rates compared to the actual potential in each store location.

With the data collected from the sensors you are able to position and schedule your own marketing messages according to the visibility they will get at certain hours and locations.

Long-term usage provides you with invaluable historical data on potential of your location

Over time the data you have collected will become an excellent guide for estimating the demand of high and low seasons such as holidays or special events in a city. You will also gain a deeper understanding of the stakeholders around your premise. It may well be that your retail store or restaurant lies close to a cruise ship terminal and is affected by thousands of tourists during holiday seasons or close to a hotel which can attract a lot of business travellers during weekdays.

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