Measuring the impressions of your advertising surfaces and offering verified campaign data to your ad buyers will greatly increase the value of your service.

Offering verified data on campaign reach creates extra value for traditional OOH advertising. It enables campaign reach reporting unlike anything before and your advertising clients will continue to trust your media outlet. The key difference compared to digital surfaces with their rapidly changing content is that you can value your traditional OOH surfaces higher due to the bigger total impression counts you can collect with Hypercell's service.

Roadside billboards have always been a great way to advertise but measuring the campaign reach and passing traffic on the spot has been a complicated task.

By using Hypercell’s state of the art service you will not only have the impression data at your hand but you will also collect statistics on peak season counts on selected time intervals. This allows you to further adjust your pricing based on traffic during holiday seasons and helps you to make sure your ad-space is fully utilized at all times.

Large wall posters on construction sites possess an unbeatable reach and advertising potential.

Large banderols on buildings and construction sites within busy city centers provide an unique opportunity for advertisers, supported by Hypercell's service. Due to the ad spot being temporary and unexploited it is even more important to get real-life data from your campaign. By doing so you can assure your customers that they get a maximum amount of return from their campaign budgets. This will play a huge role in their future decision-making process.

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