Whether there is a Beyonce concert, Superbowl or a festival on a sports field one thing is for sure. The crowd density in the surrounding area will increase.

Urban environments and their nearby businesses are highly affected by the events occuring around them. A live concert on a city square will drastically raise the attractiveness on the nearby advertising spots and ultimately bring the marketers better results. By further focusing ads to specific target groups the outcome will be even better.

Hypercell’s plug & play service anables real-time impression counts at any desired measuring point. The impression spikes during any large scale events are multiple times higher and offer a chance to run powerful event-specific DOOH campaigns.

Serve your advertisers with fully transparent pricing models and real-time campaign performance

Let’s be honest. Your clients want to be sure that they are getting the most bang for the buck out of their ad campaign budget. They also want to receive ad performance reports on a regular basis to make sure their campaign meets the targets set. What if you could provide them with a service that not only gives them full transparency over their ad spend, but also lets them verify the performance of their campaigns in real-time?

The data gives advertisers a new level of insight on their campaign reach during events that attract massive crowds and they are more likely to invest in media which can be easily verified.

The new breakthrough solution for targetting your audiences in real-time.

By leveraging the data provided by Hypercell’s Crowd Stream service advertisers are able to expand the outcome of their programmatic platform and target their audiences in real-time at any location. Combined with programmatic DOOH services the data can be used to automatically run campaigns in locations where traffic is high and inventory is available. The service also enables you to measure pedestrian routing between your points of interest and reach your customers at every point of the way.

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