Solutions using best-of-breed technology

Our solutions are based on the best technologies available on the market today. We do continuous development with our customers to further better our solutions. We also work with the best companies in the world to integrate their technologies and features with ours, in order to provide our customers with more options. We have extensive experience around different industries and their special considerations and needs.

The solutions we provide are based on three core technology areas, our data generation, processing and consumtion platforms.

Data Generation

Our Data Generation platform is a hardware platform that produces data from a wide variety of sources. We design and manufacture the hardware in Finland. The Data Generation platform includes our Hyperunit-range of stations and a selection of sensors and accessories.

Data Processing

Our Data Processing platform is a cloud service where all of the data is processed and stored. All data is stored using enterprise level storage subsystems and encryption. For our customers in EU, we store all data within the EU borders. The Data Processing platform is also available on-premises.

Data Consumption

Our Data Consumtion platform provides the stored data thru an API or integration to different Business Intelligence solutions. The Data Consumption platform also includes tools for the visualization of the data. The data can be secured by API keys or Open, depending on the customer needs.

Hypercell Hyperunit hardware for data collection

Our hardware units are able to collect the data and send it for processing. The units can be equipped with a wide variety of internal and external sensors for gathering information on the environment.

The units can be equipped with different network connectivity options, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, LTE, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN and more. In addition to standard power, the units can be powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE) and can also be equipped with an internal battery.

The units are also available in a subtle form factor for a more discreet installation.

Global coverage with our cloud services

Our data processing services are available all around the world from the cloud.

The primary datacenters are located in Frankfurt, Germany and Dallas, Texas. We also have secondary data centers in Brazil, Japan and Australia. The secondary data centers are mainly for connectivity and processing, while the data is stored in one of our primary data centers.

The data processing is also available as an on-premises solution for customers with special requirements.

Data consumption thru our API and analytics

The data is available 24/7 from our REST API. The data is easily visualized in your favorite Business Intelligence software or turned into a beautiful and useful dashboard. The data is provided in real time, while still keeping access to all relevant history data.

The data is formatted in a documented JSON structure for easy usage by your analytics team and data scientists. The data can also be used to drive real time applications, such as mobile apps and more.

Our teams are also available for consultation on how to build the visualization you need.

The data can also be visualized using tools like and


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