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Start your journey into the world of understanding your customer flows with deploying our Crowd Stream service with three easy steps.

Choose a suitable subscription and Hyperunit sensor for your needs. Our sales will be happy to help.

Once you receive your order, just plug the sensor in and the data will start collecting automatically.

Access all of your collected data by logging in to our user interface or through our REST API.


From start to finish with our end-to-end solution

What kind of data do we collect?

We focus on three types of data


How many and when?

Volume provides a set of metrics about the amount of visitors within the vicinity of the point of interest. Volume metrics are available on a per minute, hourly and daily basis.


For how long?

Stay provides a breakdown of different dwell times of visits near the point of interest. Stay metrics can be observed within any desired timeframe and duration.


Where from and to?

Stream provides an overview of all traffic between multiple points of interest. Stream metrics can be observed within any selected timeframe as totals and averages as inbound and outbound.

Pick the best subscription plan for you

We offer subscription options for growing needs.


Forever free
  • Up to 10 Sensors
  • 1 User
  • Online User Interface
  • Standard REST API
  • Volume + Stay
  • No commercial data sharing
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  • Unlimited Sensors
  • Unlimited Users
  • Online User Interface
  • Standard REST API
  • Volume + Stay + Stream
  • No commercial data sharing
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  • Unlimited Sensors
  • Unlimited Users
  • Online User Interface
  • Enterprise REST API
  • Volume + Stay + Stream
  • Commercial data sharing
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Sensor options for every need

We offer a selection of different sensor options
Hyperunit SW
Open Source
Hardware Sensor
Hardware Sensor
Hyperunit SDK
Software Library
Type of sensorOpen Source
software only
Proprietary hardware
including software
Proprietary hardware
including software
Software Development kit
for embedded applications
Required subscriptionAnyAnyAnyEnterprise
Test and development usage
Production usageLimited
Community Support
Commercial Support
Support for Volume and Stay data
Support for Stream data
Data Privacy Enabled (100% GDPR compliant)
Built-in Data Encryption (AES)
Integrated global connectivity (including data plan)Not applicable
Designed for indoor and outdoor usageDepends on variant
Flexible power input solutionNot applicable
Built-in battery backup solution with heatingNot applicable
Built-in GNSSSupported
Hyperport Expansion connectivitySupported in software
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