Easy search & present options. Data on your fingertips in real-time. Access your network data instantly.

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Real-Time Impressions.

Get real-time impressions indoors or outdoors. Understand footfall at all times at any location and benefit from historical comparison of data.

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Dwell Times.

Ready-made visual breakdown. Understand the attraction of your KPI’s. Easy to filter - focus on the essential.

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From where to where. Discover your most utilized routes. Route variations during different times of the day.

Easy integration to third-party platforms.

Let the data fuel your programmatic sales and combine the collected insights with multiple data sources.

Each point of interest can be calibrated with ready-made location profiles or you can create your own profiles.
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The unparalleled solution for your business.

Make data groups of your points of interests easily. Link your data points with your partners to gain mutual benefits. Enjoy network benefits and enrich your data.
Share data commercially with enterprise subscription. Build your own business model based on data sharing. Split service costs easily between your partners.
Interested in utilization rates or attraction levels? we’ve got you covered. A great tool for property rental management. Understand trends and predict the future.

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