Our service

Hypercell offers a revolutionary solution for collecting data on people volume, stay and streams for any city environment, location-based media advertisers, retail chains or shopping centers, tourism offices and more.

The insight produced by our service helps your city or business to reach their targets and goals.

How does our solution work?

We provide sensors that collect data from any Bluetooth devices around them.

We collect real-time information on the amount of traffic 'Volume', the visiting time period 'Stay' and direction of movement within a sensor network 'Stream' at a specific time frame.

All of the collected data, from the beginning of time to the present, is always at your fingertips. Hypercell's user interface will bring your statistics alive when presenting them to an audience.

The data can be accessed in real time or you can go back in time whenever you like.

Our Hyperunit sensors may be used -

both outside and indoors, and they are designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions.

To begin collecting data, all you have to do is plug the sensors into an electrical outlet. All information can be accessed via our REST API or user interface.

Data security

We take security and digital privacy seriously. Our service is based on IDless Bluetooth signal detection and it is

100% GDPR compliant

The sensors process data on-site and send it to 100% secure Hyper Protect cloud service which is provided by our partner IBM. Our service uses state of the art encryption algorithms, the data collected inside the EU is stored within the EU borders and the data we collect is 100% anonymous.

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