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Footfall data and measuring attraction

Our service for retail businesses caters to larger venues like shopping malls, airports or convetion centers as well as for retail chains, public spaces or events, super markets and any indoor or outdoor venues that can optimize their sales and services with footfall data.

Among other things our retail clients use our service to understand the real-time footfall of their locations, to understand the attraction levels within different funtions within their retail spaces as well as to compare the historically collected data with the present moment scenario.

Smart Cities

City Development for a better future

Whether its predicting maintenance, guiding people to find locations, shorter queue time to better placed services, improved logistics, or understanding the people flow in city events and making critical decisions for city development, data is key to everything. Our service also enables cities to avoid bottle necks in key attractions and ensure that tourists and citizens alike have a great city experience.

Our data helps your city in achieving its long-term goals of sustainable growth and a carbon-free future. Start collecting intelligence data today and use it to guide your city into a new era of data-based decision-making.

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