Preparing for the 5th industrial revolution

We provide services for all industrial sectors, from the raw materials industry, to manufacturing, construction ans service industries.

Our service provides valuable insight in multiple industries helping in optimizing process flows and powering the next generation of data intelligence

The data can be used for optimizing supply chains, to increase safety in industrial facilities and it can also help in more efficient predictive maintenance and reducing downtime

By analyzing the collected data it is possible to produce significant cost savings and increase the efficiency of different industries

Services for different industrial sectors

We provide service for many industrial sectors

Agriculture and Mining

Primary Industrial Sector

Manufacturing and Construction

Secondary Industrial Sector

Service Industry

Tertiary Industrial Sector

Agriculture and Mining

The agriculture and mining sectors are one of our focus areas. With our services, companies are able to increase safety and efficiency with their production.

  • Our service helps food industry to reduce loss of food in their logistic processes
  • By analyzing the data our service provides it is possible to gain significant cost savings and improve the efficiency in food production
  • Our platform can help food industry companies to gain competitive advantage, to optimize their resources and help them operate in better balance with the nature

Manufacturing and Construction

The manufacturing and construction sectors include a wide variety of different applications. Our services can help you achieve your targets.

  • Our IoT-platform can produce valuable data for many type of factories
  • The data we collect creates cost savings and can be used to predictive maintenance and it can also be used for predictive maintenance in order to avoid downtime and to increase the safety of factory workers
  • Our service enables a new perspective for information based decision making and it will be an integral part of industry 4.0 standards in the future

Service Industry

The service industry consists of many different areas. Our services can be used in a wide variety of fields, including retail, tourism, events, healthcare and more.

  • Our IoT-platform helps retail stores understanding their customer flow and circumstances affecting the shopping process better
  • By collecting and analyzing our data it is possible for the retail stores to optimize the customer flow and sales processes in their stores as well as improve their marketing
  • Our service can help retail stores to optimize their services and sales campaigns resulting in more revenue and costs savings
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