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For a Sustainable Future

We are the leading provider of Crowd Stream Services to Out-of-Home media, Retail environment and Smart Cities defining the standard for crowd movement measurement in urban areas. We enable real-time audience measurement, understanding passing-by-potential and attraction of any point of interest indoors or outdoors. All data can be connected in a big ecosystem for the benefit of all stakeholders and Smart Cities can use our service to improve the quality of life for their citizens while navigating the path to a more sustainable future.






Contacts annually

Meet The Hypercell Team

Tommi Hippeläinen
Chief Executive and Technology Officer

tommi.hippelainen (at)

Sami Vepsäläinen
Chief Operating Officer

sami.vepsalainen (at)

Mikko Siusluoto
Sales Director

mikko.siusluoto (at)

Janne Halmela
Sales Director

janne.halmela (at)

Natasha Madlala
HR and Talent Acquisition

natasha.madlala (at)

Nick Coston
Business Development Director, North America

nick.coston (at)

Jesse Virtanen
Delivery Manager

jesse.virtanen (at)

Kalle Virtanen
Business Development Director, Europe

kalle.virtanen (at)

Josemaria Roa Hudson
Business Development Director, Latin America

josemaria.hudson (at)

Ville Sarainmaa
Legal Counsel

ville.sarainmaa (at)

Senior Advisors for Hypercell

Juha Saapunki
Board Member, Investor

Juha specializes in start up and growth companies. With extensive knowledge of corporate leadership Juha helps us with our growth strategy.

Juho Lipsanen
Chairman, Investor

Specializing in building billion dollar companies. Juho assists us in navigating our way in becoming a unicorn company.

Pekka Tammela
Board Member, Investor

Pekka has involved in himself with many things including growing a company successfully from 20 million to 1.5 billion. Some call him a lynx as an investor. He can also do the math, hence he is the right person to help us with financial matters.

Aleksi Pohjola
Board Member, Investor

Marketing professional with a career-long focus on making the most of available technology and metrics for a competitive edge in performance-based marketing. Aleksi brings great new ideas for our business development.

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